Rails 3.1 Is Out!

My first non-trivial Rails 3.1.0 app is working less than one hour after installing the rails 3.1.0 gem. Here is what I needed to do, including the rails install:

1. rvm gemset create 3.1.0
2. rvm gemset use 3.1.0
3. gem install rails
4. cd
4. rails new
5. cd rails_app
6. edit config/database.yml (user, password and database)
7. edit config/application.rb (added one directory to path)
8. edit Gemfile (added two gems ‘execjs’ and ‘therubyracer’)
9. bundle install
10. copied over two models, one helper and one app file under /lib
11. changed program debug variable to 0
12. ran the app

Note: So far, this app has no views. It does have multiple models and a 49 year-old database that started as flat files..

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